Sunday, 30 December 2007

Pictures from Dream World

Here's some pictures we took while Dami, Lou, Joe and Em were with us.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007


Its Boxing day as we write the next chapter of our blog and we are now in the company of my cuzz Dami and family, Louise, Joe, and Emily, Its great to see them especialy with it being our first Christmas in Oz. They arrived last Thursday after visiting friends in Sydney and a trip up to the Barrier reef. Its been non stop since their arrival with visits to the Gold Coast on the very wet jet boat ride (its just a pitty we did'nt have a camera as Dami and Louise's faces were priceless)a trip to Bribie Island and Australia Zoo. The kids had a ball yesterday on the beach at Curamundi, with a Barbi at the side of the lake, body boarding in the waves and drifting down the lazy river. Well this chapter is very brief as we have loads more to do and the day is getting away from us, So we hope you had a lovely Christmas and we will post early in the new year. Merry Christmas XXXX

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Our New Home

Hi all sorry we have not updated the blog lately.
Well its been non stop over the last couple of months, I have picked up a job in Bulimba as a leading carpenter, its a little bit further to travel than I wanted but its a pleasent journey, around 40 minuits in traffic passing the airport two race courses and two golf courses.They are builders of up market bespoke propertys so the work is quite interesting.
We had the works christmas party this Friday. Very impressive with a trip down to Surfers paradise and a blast on the jet boats, dinner at the Blue Fire harbour front restaurant and a stop over at the Sheraton Mirrage. Not quite up to the standards of a dinner time finish and a pub crawl round Holbeck but if I really try I think I could put up with it.
Adrienne has started work in an office doing all the admin. She is working part time 25 hours a week. Her boss says she can come and go as she pleases, just do the 25 hours a week, which is good.
We have bought our own house now and move in on the 12th December. So it will be our first Christmas in Oz in our own home, which is very exciting.

We had a few laughs along the way looking at homes. They do open houses here where you don't need to make appointments, you just go along and take a look. The first one we went to was, shall we say, an eye opener. We decided to look at different areas and this house was a mess and filthy, we came away with flea bites!!!

The second one, in yet another area, was absolutely beautiful, but the brochure said the price was open to negotiation, when we saw the house and looked around we knew it was way out of our price range by a few $100K!!! but it was good having a nosey around.

We decided to stay in North Lakes as Lauren and Will were settled in school and Andys trip to work was a pleasant one. It is in a great place as it is pretty central to both the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

Its Williams graduation from year 6 to 7 on Tuesday night, which we are looking forward to.

Both Lauren and William are going to Dream World on the Gold Coast on the 13th December for their end of year trip with school. They are both very excited about it. I suppose it beats a sports day!!!

It was great to speak to our American Department on Skype last week and to see Xander, who we must say looks just like his Daddy. He is such a cute guy. Although its not as good as seeing him in the flesh, but hopefully that will happen before too long.

We are looking forward to Damien, Lousie, Joe and Emily coming over for a visit very shortly. They arrive in Brisbane on 20th December and are here until just after the new year. I am sure we will all have a great Christmas espcially our Christmas dinner on the beach. Only wish the rest of you could also be here to share it.

It is very strange buying a christmas tree and getting ready for Santas arrival in these tropical conditions....but I am sure we will get used to it!!!

Andy has just come home from playing golf at the Pacific Golf Club and only used his umbrella to shade himself from the sun!! Which he says was very nice for December!!!

Once again we are sorry and will try and update the blog more often....hopefully will do so before Christmas. Thanks for the nudge might have been next April before we did so otherwise.

Monday, 24 September 2007

One Month In

We have now been here one whole calender month (Oh no another reason to have a party) and things are starting to fit into place. Lauren and William started at North Lakes State College last Monday and so far at least think its Brill.
We have made a few trips since we last posted on our blog, including a trip to W.B. world, Australia Zoo, Nudgee beach, Bribie Island and Mooloolaba on the Sunshine coast to name but a few. All were fantastic in there own right and the furthest away was W.B. World, at around one hour twenty mins. drive.
Buddy had a very emotional arrival last Wednesday, we picked him up from the airport and he went absolutely crackers. He never shut up all the way home from the airport.
We had not told the kids so when they got home from school they got the surprise of their lives as he came bounding down the corridor at them.
It was like a scene from the champ with all the tears and smiles.
We took him down to show him to Lauren and Wills friends the night he arrived, about a twenty minute walk down the road from our rental and got the shock of our lives while walking back when six foot of Kangaroo came bouncing out of the bushes and nearly knocked us all over.
So far we have seen wild Kangers, Dolphins, Lizards and a BIG bleeding spider!!!!
Andy did a business course last week for his Carpenters licence so he can work for himself, there was an exam and course assessment and at this moment we are still waiting for his results. So fingers crossed.
Our things from England has cleared customs and immigration today and Andy has his tools now so we can seriously start looking for work now.
The internet is now up and running so we can all stay in touch again at last.
Bye for now Andy, Adie, Loz and Will xxxx

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Another day in paradise

Hi all, let me begin by apologising for not updating the web site as frequent as we would like, but we are still in hotel accommodation and access to the Internet is not always available.
Well that said next Wednesday we move to our new home, well for the next six months at least, so hopefully we should have a phone line installed very shortly.
Last week was a real busy week, that has seen us fully open our Ozzy bank account and receive bank cards, pay the bond on the rental, receive our tax numbers and register for Medicare. We have bought a fridge, kettle, toaster, beds, quilts and covers, pillows, pots, pans, washer, plates, knives and forks, car, a partridge in a pear tree and god knows what else!!!!
We still haven't got the kids in School but hopefully that will be resolved tomorrow as the woman who deals with registration is back after throwing a sickie.
The kids have been very patient through all the shopping and we have tried to get them back to the hotel in time to have a swim each evening, they both love it in the pool and as soon as we get back through the apartment door they are stripping off, hoping down the corridor trying to get their pants off and cosys on.
We went down the beach to Redcliffe today only to find they were celebrating the beach landings of the first settlers to the northern colonies. It was a great day with loads of stalls, live bands and tribute acts, power boat racing, dancers, Bar-b-q's etc.
We spent most of the day by the Lagoon, a hugh purpose built swimming pool by the sea with free electric Bar-b-q facilities and all free. One thing we have noticed while we have been here is how clean the place is. The Aussies seem to be so proud of where they live. Everywhere is spotless. When the celebrating had finished there was hardly a paper cup to be seen on the road.
Thanks to you who left a comment and we hope to see you all very, very soon.

Monday, 27 August 2007

At last we're here.

Well after a lot of heart ache, we finally made it to Aussie. We arrived about 11 p.m. Thursday night after being delayed in Singapore and was picked up by an old pal of mine from England. (Lee BIGGER nose Kirkbridge) When we got out of the airport we had to check that we had not landed in Manchester as it was pi8@%ng down and around 5 deg. It was great to have some one pick us up after such a long flight, I do'nt think I could have faced driving.
Well the rain kept up for three days and if another Ozzy had told us that we really need this rain I think we would have poked his eyes out with a sharp pointy thing.
By Sunday though the rain had gone and we have had great weather since.
Loz and Will have already made friends with my pal Lee and his very helpful wife Dawn's kids, William 7, Hannah 9, and Elenor 11, which will help them settle in.
They seem to have a great fun together, when I,m not driving over there basket ball net and smashing it up (sorry kids I will replace it honestly).
The hotel is fab with a balcony and fantastic sea views, the kids have their own apartment adjoining ours that they think is great.
We have spent today looking for a rental property in the North lakes State college catchment area (Monday) and think we may have found a nice place although they are few and far between that will accept pets.
Its now 8.30 p.m. as I write and we have just been up on the 9th. floor for our first Aussie Bar-b-q and a first taste of Kangaroo.
The views are fantastic looking right across the sea with views of Morton Island right up to Brisbane Harbour.
Well that's it for now will keep in touch with you and do'nt forget to add your comments so we know who's watching us.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Leaving Party

Well saturday saw the leaving party take place at the now world famous Wrenthorpe working mens club formally known as the Pheonix. It was great to see so many friends and family turn out just for little old us.
If we did not get to chat with you for too long please accept these apologies but it was madness the amount of people that came along just to make sure we buggered off!!
Thanks to Tommy Sabella the D.J. , an old pal of mine who donated his time free of charge, well they say you can't buy friendship.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

PSS Day, only 29 sleeps!

Well today saw the arrival of the removal waggon and the departure of all our worldly goods. As I write this chapter we no longer have any form of entertainment to see us through the evening as all the T.V.s, PlayStation's and D.V.D. players are whizzing their way to sunny Brizzy.

Well when I say no entertainment I have a laptop and Adie has a duster so its not so bad. Buddie has run out of furry things to lay on, so he's not too impressed either. We will miss this house, the street, and the neighbours, who through the years, have become friends rather than neighbours. Thanks especially to the ones who have sent us good luck cards, that was a nice touch.

Well no good getting all melancholy now, tomorrow we move to our temporary accommodation with the chance of having a few cold ones with family and friends before we head off to sunny Brizzy.

Friday, 20 July 2007

Quite a week for Lauren !!

This Wednesday Lauren took part in her schools version of the X factor. The competition was intense as members of her school took part in what is now an annual competition. The show included dancers, singers, baton twirlers, opera singers, an exert from Chicago and Even a karate exhibition. Lauren wrote and performed her own song and finished in second place.

Laurens spell at Outwood Grange school also came to an end this week as they broke for their summer holidays and to finish her exciting week all her class buddy's threw her a surprise leaving party. Well the next time she sits down in class it will be on the other side of the world as an whole new chapter of her life begins.
( You can hear and see her video if you click at the top of the page )

Monday, 16 July 2007

Luis comes to visit


We had a little visitor this weekend for a Saturday night stop over. Our nephews little lad, Luis. He and Will were in there element as they competed hammer and tong on the PS 2. Things finished all square up until Sunday morning when Luis managed to kick Wills butt at the Wallace and Grommit adventure game. I did'nt know but on Saturday night they both agreed that the loser should be shrunk. So as you can see from the picture Will lost and so Luis hit him with the shrinking spell last used by Harry Potter. "Oh well Will at least you'll come in handy as a key ring !!"

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Good Ridance Golf Day (Winners and cheaters)

Yesterday saw the inaugural Good Riddance golf day organised by my ex football playing Buddy's from the Parnaby Tavern. We left the boozer at 11.00am and returned at 11.00pm after a succesful but very wet event. The eventual winners of the team event were Team Blue with a tremendous points return of 110.

The individual prizes went to :-

1st - Andy Ash

2nd- Andy Ramsden

3rd - Jim Leathem

Nearest Pin - Dave Houghton

Nearest Pin - Jim Leatham ( after kicking his ball inside the ball of Andy Mills )

Longest Drive- Jim Leathem

20 players and 5 teams competed for glory and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who turned up and played in conditions that a life boat would not go to sea in!!!

Thanks to the sponsors that provided the Good Riddance polo shirts, that was a real nice touch.

Big, Big thanks to Simon Charles and Kev Quinn who organised a great leaving party event .

After such a great day I'd like to think that it turns into an annual event.

Thanks again, you guys are irreplaceable and if ever you fancy a trip to Brizzy, there will always be a cold one in my fridge for you.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007


Well its getting a little closer. We had a busy weekend this weekend, did the car boot on Sunday and sold just about everything, so the house is looking pretty empty now. We are just left with enough plates, cups, knives and forks, everything else has gone. Also sold some bits of furniture on Ebay also this week.

Andy has a golf day on Friday, it has been organized by some of his friends, one of many golf days that have been organized for him before we go. They are playing at Rudding park . ( see here )

We also went out with my sister Joanne, brother-in-law Peter and nephew and niece, Jack and Georgia on Sunday for a meal, it was great to get together and have a good chat and a laugh. Will miss them when we go to Oz, but hey, they can come visit and have a holiday and some fun, we all look forward to that.

Our Jayes cleaning weekend is coming next weekend, so the golf clubs etc will be getting cleaned and disinfected. Not looking forward to it!!

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

3rd of July-A BIG BIG Day..

Today has been a BIG BIG day in our emigration process. At 10.00 a.m. this morning our solicitor called to let us know that we had exchanged contracts on our house, Yipeeeee.
On the strength of the phone call we have now confirmed our flight booking and so leave the U.K at 10.00 a.m. on the 22nd of August 2007.
We will leave our house for the last time for its new owners on the 26th of July.
We have also had a very generous offer of accommodation between these dates from my cousin Dami which just makes a fantastic day perfect, THANKS pal. That's another beer I owe ye, if you ever let me get to the bar!!!
Well on that note i'll go to bed, with a BIG BIG smile on my face :- )

Sunday, 1 July 2007

One Day Closer

We have today booked our last nights stay in England at Bewleys Hotel near Manchester Airport. We have also arranged to be picked up by Andy's friend Lee, who lives in Brisbane. We have started to clear our cupboards ready for the big car boot that we will have to do over the next week or so.
Also this week, we have organised our dog Buddies travel arrangements with Golden Arrow Shippers. He got his import permit last week, so the shippers can arrange his quarantine stay in Sydney now.

Its trains, planes and automobiles for Buddie, he will be takinging the train from Wakefield to Shrewsbury. Then fly from Manchester to Heathrow, have a restbite and then fly to Singapore, refuel then onto Sydney. He then has to be in quarantine for 30 days he will then fly from Sydney to Brisbane, where we will be eagally awaiting his arrival. What a well travelled pooch he will be!!

Saturday, 30 June 2007

Getting close now.

Today we have provisionally booked our flights for the 22nd of August, opened an Australian bank account with Westpac and booked accommodation at the Scarborough beach resort in sunny Brizzy. It's as though we have climbed all the way to the top of the ladder and now its time to dive! A scary but exciting feeling. It feels as though we have been trying to get down under for ever and now its coming all at once. I'm sure it will be all worth it once we're there though.

The Willster

The Willster


Currimundi Lake

Sunset on the Sunshine Coast

Sunset on the Sunshine Coast

Work Wheels

Work Wheels
Fying the flag down under


Lightning on Sandgate beach

Lightning on Sandgate beach
A photo from last years thunder storm

Setting sun at Scarborough

Setting sun at Scarborough

Riverfire, Dump and Burn

Riverfire, Dump and Burn
An F111, at the Brisbane riverfire fest dumps its fuel, then sets it alight.

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Setting Sun

Setting Sun
A pretty view from the balcony


Now thats clever!

Will and Danny

Will and Danny
The two at the back, not the Blue and Green ones!

Comming to Oz very soon!!

Comming to Oz very soon!!
A slightly older ian Mc.enzie


All that surfing makes you thirsty.

The Witches of Eastweekenders!

The Witches of Eastweekenders!
Julie, Adie, Julie and Claire

Them wot days, tha nos.

Them wot days, tha nos.
We love a good wedding

Andy and Duncan

Andy and Duncan
Those sausages are burning pal!

Julie, Adie and Isla

Julie, Adie and Isla
Good mates!

Duncan Dares

Duncan Dares
Speedo Bar-B-Q goggles

An Afternoon At Sandgate

The Golden Ticket

The Golden Ticket
12 months of grief for this little baby

Next stop, Sunny Brizzy

Next stop, Sunny Brizzy

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